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Welcome to Central 24hours

Alarm Monitoring and Traceable Outsourcing


With 16 years in the market, directed to the outsourcing of private and electronic security companies for Alarm Monitoring, Traceable Systems, Image Backup, application supply we present our partnership proposal, with high quality services and reliability.

These services are aimed at small, medium and large companies operating in the electronic security area that need to reduce costs and increase profitability without losing the quality and original identity.


We also offer cost-effective solutions for companies entering the electronic security arena, but lack the monitoring center and trained staff to serve their customers.

Our structure has all the solutions with redundancy equipment, communication routes and emergency operating procedures necessary for the perfect service to its customers without interruption.


Backup equipment for signal reception effect redundancy in operation.
UPS and Generator with uninterrupted 24-hour running capability.
Software for operations automation to speed up service.
High quality operating procedures using 5S methodology.
Highly trained and qualified professionals to attend to occurrences.
Solutions that allow you to serve the entire national territory without the cost of DDD **.
Availability 0800 ** to better serve your customers.
Digital Extension Availability ** for your operation and the Monitoring Center.
Exclusive "HelpDesk-Support" service channel with our operation.
** Check availability for your region.


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How we got here

Since our founding in 2006, we have had over 25 years of CEO experience following this, with this added experience we have become masters of our craft. With impeccable service, committed to providing exceptional quality products and services to our customers.


We are constantly improving to expand our services to better serve you.


Our products and services are available to the National Territory, Mercosur and European Union.


Contact us today to learn how Central 24horas can help you have a competitive edge in this ever-growing market.

Our main services

ALARM PANEL MONITORING When working with Central 24horas, our customers experience an exemplary level of professionalism. Of all our services, this one in particular was created to make your life easier and leverage your company in the market. You can count on us to find the best products and count on the highest quality customer service.

TRACKING SYSTEMS This is one of our services that makes a big difference for many of our customers and is offered with the highest level of excellence. With it, we ensure that all details are simple, dynamic and executed in a timely manner. Whenever you work with Central 24horas, you can trust that you will be in great hands.

BACKUP SECURITY IMAGES Used by most of our customers, this service is one of the factors responsible for our success. A high quality service that can leverage your company, you can count on us to take care of everything you need. We are proud of the excellent image backup service we provide and guarantee your total satisfaction in the treatment offered by our team. Just get in touch to find out how we can help you.

WEB ALARM, MY SECURITY, OS MOBILE in VTR MOBILE With our new systems, your company has access via PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone, in real time, everything that happens to your customers. It is the best for your customer and even better for you that will reduce costs, retain customers and win more customers.

Present in the largest states of the Federation

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contact us

Central 24 hours strives to exceed your expectations. Have questions, comments or special requests, It will be a pleasure to serve you, so please contact us today.

Central 24horas se esforça para superar as suas expectativas. Tem perguntas, comentários ou pedidos especiais?

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